Are you moving?

Do you need temporary storage?

Do you need a long term storage solution for your home or business?

Have you recently been affected by a disaster?

Mobile Attic can help!

With our “Easy as 1-2-3″ storage solutions, all you do is make a phone call and we take care of the rest. We deliver the right sized portable storage unit to your home or office to meet all your storage needs. Our storage units sit at ground level making them easy to load and unload. You can organize your storage unit at your convenience and we will store or move your storage container when you are ready. If you prefer, you can retain your storage unit at your property for easy access to all your personal belongings.

Mobile Attic portable storage solutions are ideal for:

  • Local moves
  • Storage during remodels, renovations and reconstructions
  • Long term storage when you have you outgrown your current storage space
  • Storage solutions for construction sites and other businesses
  • And so much more

At Mobile Attic, we offer many sizes of storage containers to meet your needs. All our portable storage units are secure and weather resistant. For an affordable storage solution, you can’t beat Mobile Attic portable storage units.

Call our office today. Our friendly, professional staff can help you find the storage solution that is right for your needs.

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